​ How to measure for ​​ Petrie boots and Cool made to measure

We would rather measure you at a trade show or at an appointment at our showroom.

But if you can’t make it please find the Petrie Standard Boot chart with the regular sizes they have.

There is a very extensive size chart, and most of our boots are full made to measure as that is included in the Petrie Customise Your Own Boot price. We measure all the dimensions of your foot and leg and you choose the design and the leathers.

But if you want a standard pair of boots take a look at the standard size chart. On the Petrie Padova and the Freerider there is a very limited size chart, but there is elastication in the boot so there is some flexibility.

So please see how to measure your boot size and the size chart. If you do measure yourself please download the measurement chart and send it to us, and we can order your perfect boot.