A mix of comfort and beauty

Combining comfort and beauty, Petrie designs characteristic riding boots suitable for every occasion. From a relaxed outdoor ride to concentrated take-off in the ring. Unsurpassed beauty at a glance. Some by salient details, others remarkable by simplicity. Whatever we design, we do not compromise on quality. All our riding boots are made from carefully selected calfskin and cowhide leather and are processed into a perfect fit.

Global influences

We get inspired daily. Not by the delusion of the day, but by seasons, currents and horsemen from around the world. They sometimes bring us to amazing initiatives and always to the creation of sublime riding boots. This mix of influences makes our riding boots exceptional and our possibilities endless.


We have known for more than 150 years: beautiful riding boots complete every style. The basis consists of an excellent quality and perfect fit. But quality is not enough. Riding boots underline a character or make a statement. Special designs and individual interpretation are therefore indispensable within our collection. In this way we contribute modestly to presenting everyone's personality.

Since 1985

Family business Petrie finds its origins more than 150 years ago, when Jacobus Petrie started creating riding boots of exceptional quality. Petrie is currently led by the brothers Gerald, Alwin and Hans-Paul Petrie. With every next generation new innovations and dreams come true, but our brand idea remains unchanged. The combination of beauty and comfort makes our riding boots worn by riders in 42 countries. Created by Petrie from the Netherlands. Since 1857.


In the workshop in Brummen our craftsmen work on the riding boots in a traditional way. There are many actions involved. In the initial phase, when we start designing, we are creative. Then we assess every design for functionality and portability. If we proceed to the production of a pair of riding boots, the pattern is projected onto the cutting table and cut out, possibly modified with special finishing requirements and stitched into a shaft. Then we stick or sew the sole, depending on the model. The next step is shaping to the leg, for a perfect fit. When this has happened, we feed and polish the leather with a special cream. The whole process consists of 280 actions, many of which are manual.

With a view to the future

Making a petrie riding boot is done in an environmentally friendly way, so that our next generations can continue the family business. And because it suits us. We also always look for partners who produce in an environmentally friendly manner when selecting our leather and glue suppliers. We receive the tanned and colored leather from suppliers with whom we have been working for years.